About Us

Houston Cleaning Crew values quality over quantity. We believe that consistent, high-quality service leaves a lasting impression on our clients, and our passion to exceed expectations is what sets us apart from the rest. Customer satisfaction is paramount to building a lasting relationship, so we have a guarantee on any services provided – we aren’t satisfied unless you’re satisfied.  

We know that a clean environment matters, no matter where you are. Our custom cleaning service plans are tailored to fit your needs, because Houston Cleaning Crew understands that every client is different. But one thing remains the same for any building you visit: appearances are everything. The look and feel of your building determines it’s overall value – it’s the first impression made and you want to leave a lasting one. Houston Cleaning Crew guarantees services of the highest quality, to ensure that your building exceeds your standard of “clean”. 

Based in the heart of Houston, Houston Cleaning Crew is a Certified Hub Vendor, female owned and proudly supports other small businesses in the area.

Meet Our Sales Team

Customer satisfaction is our highest priority in everything we do, and it shows in the results of our work. Call 713-680-3493 to speak with us about a free estimate today.

Kelsey Hodge -- Sales Manager
Jackie Bay  -- Owner